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PoloPlaz FastTrak 2K Waterborne Finish

Please Call @905 450 6268 for pricing

Please Call @905 450 6268 for purchase


Use For:

  • VOC compliant coatings are required
  • Schedule is tight and no time for drying delays
  • Facility is occupied and won’t tolerate offensive odors
  • Budget won’t allow two coats waterbase + extra labor


  • Clean floor with Tie Tack or Hardwood Floor Cleaner.
  • Abrade floor with 180 grit 3M™ Hookit II discs attached to 3M™ Surface Prep Pads (SPP) until completely deglossed.
  • Vacuum dust and then tack floor with water-dampened towels until clean (no mineral spirits).
  • Apply with a lightweight T-bar @ 400 sq.ft./gallon with no pressure to handle. FastTrak will appear white when applied, but will dry clear.


  • Solids: 50%
  • VOCs: <100 g/L
  • Flash Point: N/A
  • Solvent: Water, Glycol
  • Shelf Life: 1 year


  • Only apply when floor temp is between 70°F and 90°F.
  • Apply evenly and avoid puddling for best curing results
  • The key to a successful recoat is to achieve a smooth
    abraded surface on which to apply the top coat.

Available in 5 gallon containers


V.O.C. <100 g/L
Solids 50%
Flash Point N/A
Cure Time (100%) 48 hours
Coverage 400 sf/gal
Open Time (wet edge) 10 mins
Solvent Water/Glycol Ether