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PoloPlaz Primero 275 VOC Finish

Please Call @905 450 6268 for pricing

Please Call @905 450 6268 for purchase



  • Compatible with most applicators:
  • Roller, lambswool, brush, etc.
  • Apply with 1/4” nap roller to eliminate lap marks

Tech Info:

  • Spread Rate: 500 sq.ft./gal
  • Solids: 42 – 46%
  • VOC’s: <275 g/L
  • Solvent: Mineral Spirits (Petroleum Distillates)
  • Shelf Life: 1 year unopened
  • Available In: 1 and 5 gallon containers


  • Great for new installation, resands, or screen and recoats
  • Excellent flow without streaking or bubbling
  • Resume use of floor in 72 hours

Tip: Roller application may be used to prevent stop marks and streaking. Remember that rolling a floor should be very quiet. If your roller is making a sticking or smacking noise, then you need more finish on the roller. Also, stir well before applying.

Available in 1 Gallon, and 5 Gallon Containers


VOC 275 g/L
Solids 42-46%
Flash Point >101F
Dry Time 12 hrs
Cure Time (80%) 72 hours
Coverage 500 sf/gal
Open Time 15 min
Sward Hardness Pencil 2H
Color Amber